The Birth of Seven Sisters was rather exceptional. It was late Autumn 2016 when I had a very strong vision during meditation. I knew I had to paint seven very big pieces, and they all somehow had to capture space. I bought 21 meters of canvas and was lucky enough to begin my work one night, when everybody was sleeping and my atelier felt like a church, or mecca, or at least a totally holy place. It was the first whole night I painted since my two (those days) kids were born, and it was a deeply particular one. The night I painted the first piece was so vibrationally rich. I listened to only one artist that night, and this musician felt like a part of the piece I was creating. I felt that I had to ask him to make the audio for this installation. A few years later this musician became my husband and dad of my youngest child. But, the night I painted the first piece, named As Close As Heaven Can Come, was particular also because my very good friend and Doctor (Formula 1 Doctor Aki Hintsa) died. That October night I felt that heaven was closer to us than ever before. 


When the first creation was ready I cried. I felt something really new and really meaningful had just come out from my hands and soul. It was a transformational night.

From that day on I painted six other pieces, and every piece contained an element. The second was Earth (When Mother Earth Touched The Storm), then came Time (Eternity — Children’s Playground), then Water (No-Mans Climate Change), Fire (Fire Behind Every Petal), then Space (Space Your Mind) to end with Wood (Life Garden). I closed the series with forest, the wood element (my surname Bosco means wood) to celebrate the Life Energy trees contain, especially here in Finland. When all seven pieces were ready (it took me over a year to paint them) I started to “see” what it was about. I saw the seven chakras, the essential elements, the bird-perspective, the large measure the installation had - and the unstoppable energy the whole piece resonated. I felt in my bones that this piece had to travel around the world, it had to be splitted in pieces and united. I didn’t know how, when and where, but I knew there was something really important waiting to flourish when time was right.

The piece was exhibited as a meditation map - installation in Superwood Festival in 2018. It was also used as a Theatre scene, but the piece was still waiting. And it was only 4 years after the first piece was made, that I had a vision during meditation (while I was putting my kids to sleep) that these pieces belonged on YOGA MATS! It was such a clear simple vision. Like the last piece of a big puzzle that suddenly popped into my consciousness. Of course — how evident, how magical, how simple!

This series, Seven Sisters, was made to give people the possibility to connect with nature and the life-essential, fundamental elements while practicing yoga, meditating, stretching, concentrating or just sitting on the mat. All seven pieces transmit nature's elements and energy on a very deep level.

And as a yogi, I can truly connect and understand the value that a unique, strongly creative, and life-supporting yoga mat can have on your practice. How it can uplift your energy and focus your mind, harmonising your whole body-mind system, thanks to its beautiful, perspective-rich outlook and substance. 

The abstraction of the paintings feed your imagination, while the colours help bring the certain vibrations of each element into your practice. Let’s say that you need the fire element into your life. Fire Behind Every Petal will boost your first and second chakra and will, for sure, bring an extra force into your practice. The green in Life Garden will help balance your nervous system and harmonise your body and mind. Water represents emotions and the blue in As Close As Heaven Can Come can help remind you to be grateful for this Life.

The whole yoga experience can be transformed and opened up to a next level. There is an open door for a new world, new surroundings, higher creativity, stronger vitality, clearer focus and sensorial perspective inward your own Self. This series is absolutely exceptional in the whole world, made by a contemporary artist, yogi and former olympian runner. They are made for everyone, as a way of bringing art democratically to all the people around. No matter what you do on your yoga mat, you will never again feel the same on it. The rarity of these mats are that they will feel deeply personal and highly universal, connecting all the elements and the people around the world, to the same source. To our Mother Nature.