The Magic Mat — From Father to Daughter
The Revolutionary Evolutionary History

Manuela Bosco with her father Carmelo Bosco.


It was only a few weeks before the Seven Sisters series was released when Manuela suddenly realised that her father, a famous sport scientist, Professor of Biomechanics Carmelo Bosco (d. 2003) was known by his most famous creation ”Il Test di Bosco”. Il test di Bosco was, and is  still to this day, a largely known ”jumping test” in the field of sport and sport science, as a basic, neuromuscular test, which calculates the explosive power of an athlete and evaluates the slow and fast cells of the person. This test was a huge revolution in the field of professional sport & science in the early 80's. It gave a new level of consciousness to evaluate the condition and genetic substance of the athlete in the perspective of explosiveness and strength. It gave until then undiscovered keys to the field of sport science and human performance.

Carmelo Bosco patented his first invention in the University of Jyväskylä in 1982 - the same year his first daughter Manuela was born. Carmelo tested thousands of the best athletes of the world with his ”magic mat” between the years 1979-2002.

These athletes included footballers like Diego Maradona, Del Piero and Roberto Baggio, basket players like the team of Chicago Bulls including Michael Jordan. Alpine skiers like Alberto Tomba, ski jumpers like Matti Nykänen, not to mention hundreds of best athletes of the world including Merlene Ottey, Sara Simeoni, Arto Bryggare, Carl Lewis and hundreds of others. He worked with various National teams around the world, like handball, basketball, football, swimming, cross country-skiing, alpine skiing, track & field and boxing.

Carmelo Bosco was highly appreciated in the field and one of the best known sport scientists of the world. His magic mat, ”Il Test di Bosco" contains a funny similarity to Seven Sisters yoga mat series. When in Bosco test the core of the test was the increasing consciousness and awareness of the physical condition, we can say that in the Seven Sisters series we can find the next level energy channel through a yoga mat, which consciously or unconsciously can increase the energy of the practitioner. These magic mats for sure are made to give people more information and consciousness (energy) about themselves.