Boskil was born on a rainy day in the spring of 2018 by artist couple Manuela Bosco and Tuure Kilpeläinen. With the idea to create sustainable clothing and artifacts that they would love to use themselves. The purpose is to transmit the art of ordinary life through items that have the spirit of magical realism, colors and beauty. All Boskil products are based on Manuela Bosco's paintings.

Manuela Bosco is a Finnish-Italian painter. Manuela’s Savo-Sicilian roots can be seen in her paintings as strong contrasts and intensive colors. Her big and colorful style of painting is both massive and sensitive, with glimpses of everyday life and deep mystical winds.

Tuure Kilpeläinen is a Finnish musician and songwriter, who performs with his group Kaihon Karavaani. Tuure’s roots are in Kuhmo and Kestilä, but he grew up in Kouvola and Helsinki.